Gone But Not Forgotten

I said goodbye to an old friend a few days ago, but I can’t seem to let go.  

I still call his name. 

I still look for him when I pull in the driveway.  

I still reach for his bowl. 

I still search the house for him.

I want to feel his presence again.

I feel like I betrayed him.  There was nothing else we could do.


He was  playful, smart, protective, loyal, loving, stubborn, afraid of fire and thunderstorms, part fish, pampered, spoiled, loved.  I will never forget him.


                             NATE (1996-2009)



                             by W. S. Merwin

                        Your absence has gone

                                through me

                        Like thread through

                                a needle.

                        Everything I do is stitched

                                with its color. 


**Thanks to Erin Golden for sharing this poem with me.