The Past and the Present

I visited a 130 year-old, four-story courthouse today.  It has been restored completely, down to the paint color on the walls.  During the restoration phase, a tunnel was discovered that connected the courthouse to a bank.  It’s no longer there, but I thought this was very interesting information.  The building is a grand old place and helped me get a visual for my wip which also involves an old courthouse in a small town.

Here’s a picture of the main courtroom on the second floor.

The picture doesn’t do justice to the scope of this amazing room.  Here’s another picture that shows the original balcony.

I loved exploring this incredible building.  I peeked into heavy steel vaults with hand-painted doors, climbed amazing winding staircases, and examined original hardwood flooring from the year 1885.  I stood and closed my eyes and breathed in the smell and now I’m home and ready to transfer into my story some of what I learned and felt in this charming place.

Seeing Story

I went to an estate sale with a friend today.  Here is a sampling of what the house looked like:

I felt a jolt when I walked into this house, like I had taken a giant step back in time.  And like I always do when I attend things like this, I wondered about the people who had once lived there.  I wondered about the stories each room held.  The small framed pictures on the wall, the tiny knickknacks spread around.  Who had placed them there?  Who had touched them last?  Story can rise from the tiniest images if we pay attention.


So I’m thinking about dreams today.  We all have them.   We all pursue them.  Some are fulfilled.  Some remain, and we hold them close, feel their beating fluttering desire to be realized.  The word Yearning comes to mind.

So here’s my thought for today, for everyone who seeks to tell their story, no matter the artistic path:  Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.  ~Langston Hughes