Writing and Silent Time

I read a statement about writing recently that jumped out at me.  It’s from Henriette Klauser’s book Writing on Both Sides of the Brain.  It says, “The work habit that underlies virtually all writing problems is the tendency to write and edit simultaneously.”  Klauser says that writing should be achieved through two separate processes:  writing that taps into the right side of your brain for style, rhythm, and voice – for the sense that one human being is talking to another human being; and editing, which taps into the left side of the brain for logic, grammar, and construction.  She says when you edit and write at the same time, the result is often a disaster, for both you as a writer and eventually for your reader.

So I’m thinking about editing and creating.  I’m an impatient writer at times.  Henriette Klauser says writers need silent time.  A time to get away from writing when you find yourself too critical.  She calls it a period of grace for the writer.  And she points out that new inspiration often comes in quiet moments.  I need to remember this.  To wait through the quiet.

I’m headed out to the front porch to take in some silent time.