Writing the Book

Things You Forget. I’m working on this young adult novel right now. It’s a story that won’t leave me alone. It’s the story that made me ugly cry during a workshop at VCFA. I put it away after workshop, then worked on it again while my husband was going through cancer treatment. I typed in the bedroom closet of our condo, which was located close to the hospital. We came back to the condo after each treatment, and when he slept, I typed. Furiously. Back at home after a successful treatment and good report, I put it away again. That was over two years ago. But this story won’t go away. So I have made a decision. I will write it and be done. And I wanted to make it official, so I’m saying it here.

Memory is a funny thing. It can both destroy and restore. And mining our memories, the good ones and the ones that haunt us, can often bring healing.

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4 Responses to Writing the Book

  1. L. Marie says:

    So true, Sharon! I’m glad you made a public commitment to finish this wonderful story.

    What a gift to find this post from you. 😀

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  2. laurasibson says:

    Write it, friend! Write that book 🙂

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