Keeping It Short – On Writing

“Write something that will change your life.”

Anatomy of Story

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4 Responses to Keeping It Short – On Writing

  1. L. Marie says:

    Great quote!
    Someone else mentioned this book to me. I guess I need to get it!


  2. laurasibson says:

    Wow! That was short indeed. I grinned when I saw the image because I was just using Truby to plot out my current WIP. I’m probably the one that mentioned the book to L. Marie 🙂 When I can address his most of Truby’s 22 points, then I know I have a viable story on my hands.


    • skvanzandt says:

      Yay for short, right? 😊 Sometimes it feels like I’m allowed only a certain amount of words per day, and, then, that’s it!

      Truby’s book is good, full of practical advice. I will probably refer to it for help with my next book.


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