The Good Stuff

Pardon me, but I need to rant a little.  About the news.

Why does everything have to be so nauseatingly sensationalized?  Dirty, horrific, outrageous, terrifying, shocking?

When I signed on to my email server today, which shall not be named here, the following headliners appeared, and these are just a few, mind you:

Executive Suspected of Murdering His Wife

Star Reveals Hollywood Horror Story

Amish Girl Accused of Bizarre Act

Intersection Called Corridor of Sin

Harmless Prank Went Horribly Wrong

What Mom Buys for Son is Killing Him

Man Claims Creature Stalked Him

Monster Said to Live in This Lake

And here are a few more, from random popular news sources:

Doctors Intentionally Concealed Decapitation of Baby During Delivery

Bumble Bee Tuna Plant Worker Cooked in Steamer Identified

Man Stabs Grandmother 111 Times, Slits Her Belly, Removes her Organs

I didn’t have to search for these type stories.  They’re everywhere.  The news is saturated with them.

What is going on?  Are we not a people of intellectual integrity?  Do the news powers that be have to report on every vile, despicable act?  Is this what we want to read as news?  Oh, please.

Where’s the uplifting news?  The stories that make us appreciate, smile, relish the infinite positive possibilities?  Where’s the good stuff?

Give me the good stuff.


Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.  ~Author Unknown

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2 Responses to The Good Stuff

  1. Nancy Hatch says:

    I can totally agree with your viewpoint. I don’t want to read these. I’m back avoiding the news at all costs. Haven’t checked a news source in about four months. Eventually I’ll crawl out of this cave and take a look around, but for me and my little corner of the world, things aren’t really this bad and so the news is completely out of context, if it is even accurate. I have my doubts about that as well.


  2. Thanks, Nancy. I’m tired of the negativity. Not good when you’re trying to be creative. Making a choice to avoid what you can is a great idea.


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