The Past and the Present

I visited a 130 year-old, four-story courthouse today.  It has been restored completely, down to the paint color on the walls.  During the restoration phase, a tunnel was discovered that connected the courthouse to a bank.  It’s no longer there, but I thought this was very interesting information.  The building is a grand old place and helped me get a visual for my wip which also involves an old courthouse in a small town.

Here’s a picture of the main courtroom on the second floor.

The picture doesn’t do justice to the scope of this amazing room.  Here’s another picture that shows the original balcony.

I loved exploring this incredible building.  I peeked into heavy steel vaults with hand-painted doors, climbed amazing winding staircases, and examined original hardwood flooring from the year 1885.  I stood and closed my eyes and breathed in the smell and now I’m home and ready to transfer into my story some of what I learned and felt in this charming place.

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2 Responses to The Past and the Present

  1. L. Washington says:

    Beautiful! I can almost smell the history of this building.


  2. skvanzandt says:

    It was fascinating, Linda. I love exploring old buildings and houses!


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