The Smell of Joy

The elaeagnus is blooming! 

Lately, each time time I’ve stepped to the side of my house, I’ve discovered the sweetest, richest smell.  If one could smell joy, this is what it would be.  This pure, sweet, lifting-up smell.

For a while, I couldn’t tell what was generating such a delicious scent.  My summer phlox, rejunvenated one final time because of autumn rains?  But there they stood, tall, stalky-looking shoots with no flowers, not even buds.  I finally wandered further into the yard to a gray green shrub called elaeagnus.  There I found these bell-shaped blossoms. 


The things I’ve known that were good, the things I’ve cherished, are in the scent of these flowers.

I wish I could deliver up words the way these tiny blooms do their sweetness.   Beautiful and pure and just right.

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