A New Year

It’s officially here.  2010.  A brand new year.  What will it bring?   

This past decade has burned a place in my heart forever.  It started with a move from the city to the country.  The fresh air and green pastures were a blessing.  We bought our daughter a horse.  Then another.  And another.  We built a barn.  Cut and bailed our own hay.  Planted a garden.  Got involved in our wonderful community and made a new life for ourselves.

Then I lost my strong, courageous, beautiful sister to leukemia.  A five year battle she fought to the bitter end.   She was too young.  I still grieve for her. 

My two children grew up.  A lot.  Accomplished many, many things.  Made me proud.   

My writing evolved and is still evolving.  I realized you never reach a point where it’s “there.”  With each book I’ve started and/or finished, it’s seemed like kindergarten all over again.  The beauty and power of words still touches me.   Books are as important as they ever were.  I’ve learned to appreciate them in a different way, I think.

Life has moved forward, sometimes at a crawl, sometimes so fast it seems blurry and hard to remember.  Important lesson:  PAY ATTENTION.  To everything.  All the details and intricacies that make life brilliant and fun and joyful and surprising.

Now I look forward to this new year, a shiny new beginning.  I feel hopeful and, if I’m honest, a tiny bit scared.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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2 Responses to A New Year

  1. Well said. I also look forward to a fresh start and a new decade. I hope it brings us all health, fulfillment of our dreams, and happy memories. This past decade I lost three young cousins – all different reasons. My mother-in-law died as well. She had been a big part of our lives. I’m sorry about your sister. It’s very difficult, but we need to remember the richness they brought into our lives and how they made life more meaningful. That’s how we carry their legacy. God bless.


    • skvanzandt says:

      Loretta, you are so right about remembering the richness those we’ve lost have brought to our lives. My sister’s passing left a big hole in me. I’m sure it’s the same for you with the loss of your loved ones. Looking forward to the new year. I wish you the best. Take care.


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