Intentional Chocolate? Embedded Writing?

Who doesn’t like chocolate, right?

Well, now there’s intentional chocolate, courtesy of chocolatier Jim Walsh, who uses a special recording device to capture the electromagnetic brain waves of meditating Tibetan monks and then exposes his confections to the recording for five days per batch.  And VOILA!  Intentional chocolate – chocolate filled with profound peace and harmony and good will.

Intentional chocolate is part of a larger movement involving embedded foods.  You can view the article I read about it here:,9171,1887858,00.html

I’m thinking the concept could be tweaked a little and applied to writing.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could embed our writing with thoughts about how perfect and good and wonderful our words are, how they are ready to sing off the page straight into the hearts and minds of our readers, how the book we’ve written is going to be the next award winning children’s book? 

Yeah, that would be nice.

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