Can You Name This Children’s Book Author?

Here are a few questions about a well-known children’s book author.  Can you guess who it is?

1.  Most people called him Andy, though that wasn’t his real name.

2.  He was the youngest of six children.

3.  His favorite book was Thoreau’s Walden.

4.  As a young man, he sold roach powder, played the piano, and tried being a reporter.

5.  His best know expression was, “Keep it simple!”

6.  He was a hypochondriac.

7.  He had a fear of public speaking.

8.  He wasn’t afraid of spiders.  Once he let hundreds of them hatch and build webs on top of his dresser.

9.  Pigs fascinated him.

10. He wrote only three children’s books.


Do you know his name?


Scroll down to find the answer.


And the answer is…


E. B. White!

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