“Home is where your story begins.”

 I am home today.  From school.  For the second day in a row.  And this is a good thing, sort of.  If not for the circumstances surrounding the reason I am home.  (Let me just say I am renaming my Jack Russell terrier.  He is no longer “Tucker” but “JAWS”!)  It is a good day for writing on my book, which I intend to do shortly.  But I’m thinking about this quote.  And I agree.  My stories definitely come from ‘home,’ which, of course, isn’t just this place, right now, but a long history of people, places, and experiences that make up my life.  That make me.  A lot to draw from.  A lot of beginnings and endings.  I need to remember to dig deep.

Tucker AKA “JAWS”

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3 Responses to “Home is where your story begins.”

  1. Brian says:

    Hi Sharon,

    I like your blog. Great theme. It’s one of my favorites. I agree with the quote. I never would have become a picture book writer if it wasn’t for the inspiration my son has given me over the years.

    Talk to you later,


  2. Karen says:

    Yes! Finally! I love it. Isn’t this an awesome site? I love your theme. That’s gorgeous. You go girl!


  3. Martha says:

    Everytime I look at your blog, Sharon, it inspires me and gives me hope. I can’t think of a better gift to fellow writers.


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